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Cybersecurity Service:

We are a trusted provider of end-to-end cybersecurity engineering services. Our automotive cybersecurity portfolio is both broad and deep offering expert services

Security in the automotive industry has traditionally been related to anti-theft measures, however, increasing connectivity and automation of modern vehicles mean that security needs to encompass protecting external interfaces and on-board electrical and electronic systems against attack or misuse. External interfaces can include sensors used for ADAS/autonomy as well as wired/wireless connections.

Our cybersecurity services are underpinned by a continuous programme of research and development into the evolving automotive threat landscape, vulnerability analysis tools and techniques, and cybersecurity testing methods.

Engineering Consultancy

  • Robust Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Development
  • Cybersecurity Process Optimization
  • Cybersecurity Process Audits
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Work Products
  • Product Development Activities
  • Review & Verification Activities
  • End-to-end Cybersecurity Solutions
  • "Security by Design" Approach
  • Advanced Cryptographic Processes
  • Authentication Procedures
  • Firmware Reinforcement
  • Proprietary Firmware Confidentiality Protocols

Verification, Validation, and Testing

  • Cybersecurity Verification & Validation Planning
  • Vulnerability Analysis & Residual Risk Assessment
  • Penetration & Fuzz-testing
  • System Vulnerability Mitigation


At MotionXPro, our cybersecurity training courses stem from both extensive practical experience and deep-rooted understanding of evolving standards. Equip your team with the knowledge they need to stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of automotive cybersecurity.

Choose MotionXPro for holistic automotive cybersecurity solutions that not only adhere to international standards but also forge the path for industry excellence. Secure the future, one vehicle at a time.

Functional Safety and SOTIF

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Control System and Software

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